Hasslen/Brandriet/Brandriet win the final week!

Another good night of fishing as ten teams weighed in a 4 fish limit.  Taking top honors for the evening was Hasslen/Brandriet/Brandriet with 4 fish for 13.49 pounds and big fish of 5.61 pounds.  In second was Ackerman/Hartman/Graf with 4 fish for 11.72 pounds and in third was Berdan/Berger/Berger with 4 fish for 11..23 pounds.  Winning the team of the year was Ackerman/Hartman/Graf with 19 fish for 55.56 pounds.  A grand total of 341 walleyes for 730.26 pounds were caught and most were released on the year for the league.  The Big Stone Walleye league is a non-profit organization and is open to the public.  Congrats to this years winners!


Backstrand/Scoblic/Vangsness win week 5!

Walleye fishing was awesome on Big Stone Lake tonight as 14 teams brought in a 4 fish limit!  In first place and big fish honors was Backstrand/Scoblic/Vangsness with 4 fish for 14.44 lbs and big fish of 7.36 lbs.  In second was Wittnebel/Ohm/Kassube with 4 fish for 13.03 lbs and in third was Ackerman/Graf/Hartman with 4 fish for 11.70 lbs.  Next eek is the 6th and final week!

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Hanson/Kuefler/Kuefler win week 4!

With weather almost too nice and calm clear water team Hanson/Kuefler/Kuefler brought in the winning basket of 4 fish for 12.22lbs.  In second was Huebner/Oletzke/Huebner with 4 fish for 10.19 pounds and in third was Hasslen/Brandriet/Brandriet with 4 fish for 7.90 pounds.



Wittnebel/Ohm/Kassube win week 3!

With water temps back down to 55 degrees the bite was a little tougher for most teams this week, but not for the winning team of Wittnebel/Ohm/Kassube who brought in a 4 fish limit for 12.98 pounds including the big fish of the night at 6.80lbs.  In second place was Grong/Wentjes with 4 fish for 9.86lbs and in third was Hasslen/Brandriet/Brandriet with 4 fish for 9.61 pounds.


Ackerman/Graf/Hartman win week 2!

In week 2 action Ackereman/Graf/Hartman led the field with 4 fish for 11.46 followed by T. Arndt/D. Danielson/Scofield with 4 fish for 10.10 and in third was team Kellen/Kellen/Oakes with 4 fish for 7.73 pounds.  Big fish was caught by Ackereman/Graf/Hartman at 5.82 pounds.  Water temp was around 60 degrees with NW winds at 10-20 mph and air temp in the 60’s.

Record setting night in league as Carlson/Finberg/Morrissette hit big!

The bite was on fire tonight as a record 15 teams brought a 4 fish limit to the scales!  Top honors with a record shattering weight of 4 fish for 20.02 pounds went to Carlson/Finberg/Morrissette.  They had 2 big fish both at around 7.5lbs and two unders at 19.75 inches…a perfect bag!  In second place was Tanner Arndt/Danielson/Scofield with 4 fish for 13.75lbs.  In third was Kellen/Kellen//Oakes with 4 fish for 13.27lbs.  A record setting 73 fish were caught for a total of 185.25lbs.