vikings1Artie’s Bait & Tackle is a family run business.  Artie and his wife Krista have four children Dylan (20), Tanner (19), Joe (12) and Cassie (9).  Artie grew up living on the Minnesota side of the lake and has been fishing since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole.  Artie was fortunate enough to have a father that believed in raising his kids in the outdoors hunting and fishing.  Artie has fished competitively for over 15 years and has worked for Midwest Outdoors magazine and television and has even hosted a few TV shows.  As for a family business at any givin time you will find the kids and even Krista in the shop helping customers and boxing bait.  Dylan and Tanner, much like their father, were raised in the outdoors and are very knowledgeable about fishing on Big Stone Lake.  As far as Joe, he is our mascot and will take part in way too many “bait shop” discussions with customers.

In addition to the Arndt family are a few great retired gentleman that help at the bait shop.  Jim Rasset, formerly the Big Stone State Park manager, has been fishing Big Stone Lake for over 30 years and continues to help customers catch fish everyday.  Jim also the father of the previous owner Greg Rasset of Bud’s Bait has nearly 20 years experience in the bait shop business.  Dave Ohrtman of Ortonville also works at Artie’s.  Dave is a former fishing guide that spent most of his life traveling and working in the fishing industry.  Dave had the luxury of assisting several fishing legends such as Al Linder when they were cutting their teeth in the fishing industry several years ago.

On our winter guide staff is Jon Fenske of Fulda, Mn.  Jon has been an avid fisherman for years and especially likes to ice fish.  Jon works hard to be sure his clients have a clean comfortable house and hopefully catch fish as well.

Stop in and meet our staff as it is our goal to help you have a great fishing experience on Big Stone Lake!